Licensing of a Gas Interconnector

We continue to support the sponsor of the infrastructure project related to the licensing of a gas interconnector between Greece and a neighbouring country, which is still pending before RAE (the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy). The project is to be constructed as an Independent Gas Transmission System with private funds.

We have reached the last phase of the legal steps which had required extensive support for the approval of the application since it relates to a major Gas Interconnector between Greece and a neighbouring country and we continue to monitor stake holders interests and other factors influencing the prospects of this project before the Greek authorities; environmental regulations, land matters, construction law issues, cross border regulatory issues, etc. are some of the areas we have delivered extensive advice; in addition, we have rendered advice in relation to cross border agreements and the possibility of conclusion of International Governmental Agreements (IGAs); nowadays we are liaising for the Certification of the License holder as per the applicable EU Directive as the license is expected.