We advise SEVEN ENERGY AG  on all the legal issues arising from the RFP of PPC S.A. dated May 31, 2018 in order to become an Eligible Participant. The Megalopoli Divestment Business and the Meliti Divestment Business will be part of the legal due diligence of our team. We are presently working on the operational aspects of the Divestment Business with a focus on CO2 emissions and the related regulations. 

Special due diligence is required to address IED limits and BAT-AEL for the lignite power plants which is a unique project in the legal industry as the only power plants fired by lignite are the ones owned by PPC S.A. (no private entity had ever control over a lignite fired power plant).  The team shall be marking up a SPA based on the commercial terms and the findings of the legal and technical due diligence. The transaction is regulated by Law 4533/2018 and the entire aspects of the transaction are overseen by the Institutions and the Creditors since it is an obligation of the Country to allow access to lignite mines and lignite fired power plants as part of the opening of the Greek wholesale electricity market.