The Southeast Europe Takeover Handbook

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm, along with the other member law firms of SEE Legal, recently published “The Southeast Europe Takeover Handbook 2017”.

The aim in preparing this Takeover Handbook is to provide in-house counsels, professionals and legal practitioners with a comprehensive guide of the legal framework regulating the mandatory and voluntary takeover bid in the South East Europe region. The Takeover Handbook provides information which is a must in every M&A deal timeline e.g. triggers for the mandatory takeover bid, deadlines for announcing mandatory and voluntary takeover bids as well as their duration. The Guide further elaborates on more technical issues such as applicable methodologies for determination of per share value as this is often one of the key inputs required for financing of a transaction, especially in cases of cross border transactions when the mandatory takeover bid has to be announced in several jurisdictions. The Handbook also deals with other issues, such as squeeze-out process, claw back, role of SEC and many other relevant topics that have to be taken in consideration when the target or its subsidiary is a joint stock company.

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