Experience the world of law

Summer Internship Program

KG’s “Experience the World of Law: Summer Internship Program” is designed to provide law students with a unique opportunity to gain practical work experience in the legal profession.

As a summer intern at KG, you will be exposed to a wide range of legal specialties, including amongst others corporate law, intellectual property law, civil law and criminal law. Through mentorship from experienced attorneys and participation in real-world projects and cases, you will gain a deeper understanding of the legal profession and develop valuable skills that will benefit you in your future career.

Our summer internship program provides interns with exposure to cutting-edge legal issues and emerging trends. Αt KG, we foster a collaborative and supportive environment that encourages interns to share their ideas and work together on projects.

Join us to experience the world of law and take the first step towards a successful career in the legal profession.

For Whom?

Each year, we look for a select number of summer interns to join KG’s summer internship program.

Are you a second year undergrad, a penultimate or final year bachelor’s law degree student attending any of the Greek Law Schools (including Cyprus)?

Are you open-minded, curious to learn new things and have a keen interest in a specific practice area?

We are looking for academically diligent students who are genuinely interested by the commercial world and can work well with others. If you are determined and have the ability to analyze and learn as well as a good command of English, then you’re eligible to apply for our summer internship program.


We run a vacation scheme in summer (July).


KG’s summer internship program offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring students to develop their skills and gain hands-on experience in the legal profession.


Well because ….

  • you will be actively involved with the preparation of deliverables by applying theoretical knowledge in the real world,
  • you will have the opportunity to interact with other vacation schemers, partners, associates and trainees aiming not only to make new friends but also to develop professional connections,
  • you will develop your professional self, explore career goals and options, develop new skills you can apply in the workplace,
  • you will gain skills that will enhance your resume and increase your career options,
  • you will receive constant feedback expanding on your transferrable skills and an Internship Completion Letter.


Applications for KG’s Summer Internship Program open every December and may be sent up to March 31st of the ensuing year.


Is this a paid internship?

Summer internships are generally unpaid. However, during your internship you will be part of the KG family and will be offered the opportunity to attend a couple of social networking and other events.

Will I join the specific practice area I have interest in?

Every effort is generally made to accommodate interns’ areas of interest. Preferences of the students are well taken into consideration, as well as practice groups’ workloads and availability. Some rotation may be possible.

How many hours does an intern work?

Typically, an internship can range from 25 to 30 hours per week.

What about virtual internships?

Currently, we do not offer virtual internships. We believe that an in-person internship provides a more valuable real-life experience for interns. Therefore, we encourage all interns to join us at our office for their internship.

Does the vacation scheme offer me an opportunity to apply as trainee?

We advise anyone interested in a training contract at KG to apply for a vacation scheme. Grade point average and class rank, participation in extracurricular activities, oral and written communication skills and interest in public service, are all considering factors for graduates to be offered a training contract at KG once you graduate law school.

Will I be notified if I am not selected?

Yes, if you are not selected for the internship, we will notify you. You will receive a notification from the Human Resources Department informing you of the outcome of your application.

How can I find out about the status of my application?

To inquire about the status of your application, we recommend contacting our Human Resources Department via email at hr@kglawfirm.gr. They will be able to provide you with the information you need.


Through the Summer Student Internship Programme of Kyriakides-Georgopoulos Law Firm, I became confident that by joining the Firm as a trainee lawyer I will undertake responsibilities and contribute substantially to the work of a team. Thanks to the daily interaction with the Firm’s lawyers of different cost-centers and ranks, I ascertained that the Firm’s key priority is human cooperation and the continuous exchange of knowledge between colleagues. I highly recommend to any student who aspires to carry out a meaningful and substantial legal traineeship to attend this Programme, mainly because the working atmosphere at the Firm is very friendly and welcoming.
People who know how to inspire you, cases that can excite you, and a legal firm that helps you discover the most unique part of yourself.
I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to complete an internship in such a positive working environment. My time there provided me with unique experiences and valuable knowledge.