From 1 to 110 lawyers over 8 decades, ALL with the same leadership tradition and international orientation.

Kyriakos Kyriakides opened his law practice in Athens in the 1930’s with a vision; to offer solid legal services to the international community of the Greek capital at that time. It was a demanding challenge and springboard for establishing the corporate character of the firm over the decades.

The KG partnership, formed by Constantine Kyriakides and Leonidas Georgopoulos in 1979, forwarded the values of the KG legacy; pioneer spirit, international perspective, listening to clients’ needs and thinking in the same way, cost-effective solutions and availability to create “The Business Law Firm in Greece.”

Today, KG is Greece’s largest law firm with proven legal expertise in more than 20 Practice Areas. Our commitment is to deliver innovation, solutions and results to bridge the distance in today’s global corporate environment.


Kyriakos Kyriakides opens his law office in Athens and mainly serves international clients.


Leonidas Georgopoulos, a prominent lawyer and son of statesperson and highly respected Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Athens, Constantine Georgopoulos, heads his own law practice with a strong reputation in the Greek business community.


Constantine Kyriakides joins his father’s law practice after completing postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom (UCL) and Dallas, Texas, USA (South Methodist University of Dallas) and with a 2-year experience as in-house lawyer with a major mining company.


The law firm of Kyriakos and Constantine Kyriakides merges with the law firm of Leonidas Georgopoulos.

Late 80s – early 90s

The Firm grows with young and prominent lawyers of the time whose commitment and loyalty resulted in their becoming the firm’s new generation Partners.


Kyriakides Georgopoulos transitions from a traditional law practice to an incorporated partnership of 9 partners and 18 associates, one of the very first law firms formed in Greece.


In the following decades KG merges and grows several times through various affiliations with reputable law firms and networks. The firm increases its workforce and also expands its know-how in specialized practice areas to offer multiple levels of legal support to its clients.


With 15 equity partners and a workforce of approximately 100 lawyers, the vision of the two co-founders, to establish a solid foundation for the generations to come, is accomplished. More lawyers are promoted to partnership status highlighting the KG commitment to advancing talents from within the firm.

Tribute To Our Visionary Co-Founders

The legacy, professionalism and personalities of our two co-founders shaped and directed our firm for 40 years. It is their values and professional ethics combined with their commitment to offering top quality legal services in a friendly ‘family like’ workplace that has shaped our culture as a law firm and affected the lives of our people.

The firm’s new generation, current partners and staff, represents a workforce of 130 strongly committed individuals dedicated to continue the legacy created by our founders. Our goal is to ensure the firm’s leadership position at the forefront of developments in the Greek legal market for many decades to come.

In appreciation of :

Constantine Kyriakides

The 24th of April, 2009

Leonidas Georgopoulos

The 19th of May, 2019