All together in one voice speaking the language of Diversity & Inclusion for a thoughtful workplace

Respecting the feelings, wishes and rights of others is the cornerstone of our Firm’s culture.

How we communicate – the words we use in our workplace – are powerful tools for welcoming all to join the conversation.

Together we share an inclusive culture where diversity is valued and every staff member is supported to develop individual potential for generating pride in personal identity, which makes us who we are.

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Diversity is understanding, accepting and valuing differences between people including race, ethnicity, gender, age, creed, disabilities, and sexual orientation.
We are pledged to embrace the attitudes and behaviors of diversity and inclusion in our daily interactions, fostering open and mindful communication and a sense of belonging for all.
The KG family represents various educational backgrounds, personalities, skill sets, experiences, knowledge bases and generational perspectives – all of which create our Firm’s highly productive culture.
All together, our commitment is ‘breaking barriers for excellence’.


Work-Life Balance

A happy work environment is key to professional motivation and personal satisfaction towards well-being. At KG, we support our team in innovative ways to ensure the all-important, work-life balance. Committed to “lifting spirits up”, our Firm is driving change through support programs which address mental wellness, as well as the challenges and isolation of the sudden shift to “work from home” created by the pandemic.
Our Firm continuously opens new channels for personal development providing professional opportunities for the room to grow, as well as activities for social interaction and bonding outside the workplace.


Areas of Priority


Respecting the value of women as role models in the legal community, gender balance is among our top priorities. A high number of women are in senior positions, including Partners.
Gender equity, support, fairness and the opportunity to thrive & grow are practiced at all levels. In enhancing women’s rights beyond the workplace, our Firm is associated with prominent women’s networks in Greece.


Looking forward to the future, as Greece plays a pivotal role as a regional hub of commerce, technology & higher learning, we welcome a new generation of professionals representing diverse ethnicities empowered with knowledge of the corporate market and certification to practice Greek Law.


Our commitment to the broader community is to establish a leadership role for driving change in diversity and inclusion in the workplace as a fair employer that recognises, harnesses and celebrates the unique talents and abilities of people living with disabilities.


Our Firm is dedicated to supporting our staff and boosting quality of life by creating an open channel of communication regarding Mental Health and Well-Being. Towards this goal, we have initiated 24 hour professional telephone support, available to all employees free of charge, where staff can discuss issues anonymously.

The purpose is to raise awareness and normalise conversations around Mental Health and support KG people and their families by providing ways to maintain good mental health. Further, we implement internal policies to enhance work-life balance — and keep spirits high.


Collaboration between mixed age groups creates the energetic dynamic to promote new thought.
The KG family includes mainly Generation X & Millennials which represent the majority of our staff.
Generational diversity brings professionals of different ages and life stages together for sharing different experiences.
The inclusion of talents spanning all age groups creates a diverse learning environment for productive cooperation.