John Kyriakides Interview By The Legal 500

KYRIAKIDES GEORGOPOULOS (KG) Law Firm  is pleased to share with you an interesting interview conducted with the KGLawFirm’s co-managing partner, John Kyriakides, published in The Legal 500. Fierce competition and increased client demands have led to the Greek law industry to be even more effective, efficient, innovative and agile. John Kyriakides, in his interview, discusses not only the various opportunities that the Greek law firms experience but also mentions significant challenges they may face. In particular, he explains how KGLawFirm is standing today, providing key points of how the company achieves a competitive advantage compared to the rivals. Additionally, in his speech, John Kyriakides shares the main change that has been made in KGLawFirm to  benefit clients, as well as the role of technology to their services. Last but not least, he makes a forecast for the next three years, including essential actions to take with the aim of sustaining the business growth.  To read the full interview, please visit here: