KG Law Firm participates at the 85th International Council Meeting of ELSA in Thessaloniki

Iakovos Koulouris, Senior Associate at Energy & Infrastructure Practice Group of our firm, took the floor focusing on “Empowering energy-intensive consumers: The impact of Power Purchase Agreements on mitigating price volatility” at the recent ELSA 85th International Council Meeting Thessaloniki 2024. His insights clarified how Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) can stabilize energy costs for energy-intensive consumers.

Iakovos’ thorough analysis highlighted PPAs’ role in managing price volatility, providing a strategic path for energy-intensive consumers.

At KG Law Firm, we’re dedicated to empowering clients with innovative legal solutions. Iakovos’ presentation reflects our firm’s commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach.

We look forward to continuing the conversation on energy law and drive positive change in the legal landscape.