Major Client in the Food & Beverages Bottling Industry

We provided legal advice and support to a major client in the Food & Beverages Bottling industry in regards to outstanding claims held by it as well as its position as a major supplier, which were led to restructuring (Rehabilitation Procedure under art. 99 etc. of the Greek Bankruptcy Code). We provided legal support to our client during all the stages of the Rehabilitation Procedure including the implementation of the terms of the Rehabilitation Agreement and assisted in the options to be followed both in relation to its overall position as a major creditor and its optimized participation in the restructuring proceedings. The Rehabilitation Procedure included a series of steps and complex transactions based on the transfer of the assets of the group companies to a subsidiary company of another super-market chain along with part of their liabilities (including our client’s claims). The Rehabilitation Procedure was one of the most high-profile rehabilitation procedures in Greece based on various complex transactions and multiple participating suppliers, creditors and other third-parties involved. The completion and implementation of the procedure included Insolvency and corporate law as well as regulatory issues.