10th SE Europe Energy Dialogue “Connecting SE Europe’s Energy Markets”

Gus J. Papamichalopoulos, Secretary General of IENE and Energy & Infrastructure Partner at Kyriakides Georgopoulos (KG) Law Firm spoke at the 10th SE Europe Energy Dialogue “Connecting SE Europe’s Energy Markets” organized by IENE in Belgrade on June 13th -14th  2017.  

Gus participated at the session “The Changing Regional Energy Landscape and Key Policy Issues and his speech touched upon “Key Priorities for SE Europe to achieve energy stability”.

The following are some of his key observations:

  • Each country of SE Europe to implement its part in any and all joint regime infrastructure projects to enhance the principles of energy interconnectivity, energy efficiency, etc.
  • Complete existing energy infrastructure projects and develop new projects which shall enhance and contribute on cross border energy cooperation between the neighboring countries.
  • Develop friendly investment policies  and friendly strategies of the hosting countries to attract private investments in the renewable energy sector, including simplifying procedures for authorization, licensing and network connections.
  • Focus on operational efficiency in the refining sector and potential capacity for sharing or consolidation of refineries operation.
  • Reduce electricity losses in transmission and distribution with a focus on deploying smart metering technology.
  • Educate consumers re: Energy Efficiency.
  • All SEE countries to work towards incorporating the remaining elements of the Third Energy Package into primary and secondary legislation and develop the associated National Action Plans.
  • Take measures to address Energy Poverty in SE Europe. Implement specific policies to alleviate energy poverty.

Other Key Policy Issues

  • Interconnectivity (Gas, Electricity) – Importance of Infrastructure Projects – Importance of SE Europe for Central Europe.
  • Synergies between Regulatory Bodies – Adopting EU Policies – Regulations.
  • Formulation of energy policies to address energy supply security issues.
  • Energy market integration in SE Europe.
  • Definition of Energy Regional Priorities to address domestic (SEE) demand as well as to expand interconnectivity – security of supply and energy efficiency.
  • Harmonization of Regulation with EU Policies – Regulations.
  • Establishment of Investment Policies and Promotion thereof.
  • Regional Anti – Corruption Initiative to improve the region’s investment friendly profile.