KG becomes a member of Three Seas Legal Alliance

We are happy to share that KG has officially become a member of the Three Seas Legal Alliance (TSLA).

As we embark on this new chapter by joining TSLA, we remain strategically positioned to a heightened level of cross-border cooperation and investment across diverse sectors, with the primary focus on transport, energy and digitalisation.

Three Seas Legal Alliance is a groupd o full – service law firms with over 850 experienced laywers offering expertise in the thirteen Three Seas countries. Established in 2015, the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) has emerged as an international economic and political initiative with the primary objective to address infrastructural and economic imbalances in the common European market, as well as to strengthen links in Central and Eastern Europe along its north-south axis.  3SI has the potential to create investment opportunities, as well as enhance sustainable and secure national and regional connectivity. Additionally, it can make the Three Seas countries more competitive as a whole by the modernization of infrastructure networks and the enhanced energy security and socio-economic development.