Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm certified by TÜV

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm (KG Law Firm), οne of the leading and most historic law firms in Greece, with a presence of almost 90 years, has been certified by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD).

More specifically, TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) inspected and certified KG Law Firm for the Unified Information Security and Privacy Management System of the firm, as described in accordance with the international standards ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701.

The importance of this certification is crucial since it concerns one of the largest and most historic Greek law firms, which entrusted TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) with the information security and privacy of both its associates and its clients. Considering the fact that the data covered by the certification is particularly sensitive, ensuring proper processing, storage and management processes is of utmost importance for the activity and operations of KG Law Firm and the services it provides.

It is worth mentioning that KG Law Firm is a leading Greek law firm, which stands out for its innovative spirit, extroversion and orientation towards the best international practices, its international outlook, its customer-centric approach, its practical and business-oriented spirit as well as the expertise of its lawyers. Today, KG Law Firm remains consistently the largest Greek law firm, offering employment to more than 110 specialized lawyers and 35 administrative staff. It provides legal services in more than 20 areas of law and handles a wide spectrum of cases ranging from commercial law; corporate transformations and M&A; banking & finance and capital markets; tax and competition law to personal data protection and privacy; e-commerce and new technologies, thus covering all kinds of legal needs for Greek and foreign businesses.

At the same time, it selects the most competent lawyers and invests in their continuous training and development, thus maintaining its position as a leading law firm that exceeds the client’s expectations and effectively responds to the most demanding and challenging projects in modern times.

Mr. Konstantinos Villios, Chief Inspector of TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD), stated: “Ensuring data security as well as privacy and personal data protection – especially in the legal field – is one of the biggest challenges in the modern era, where all information is digitized with the use of modern media and, at the same time, cyber-attacks and malicious actions are a constant phenomenon. Therefore, the certification of the procedures related to data management and data security is a top priority for TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD). In this context, we are particularly proud of our cooperation with KG Law Firm and the trust they have placed in us for such a pivotal project. From our side we assure that all the relevant procedures are strictly observed by the firm at all levels “.

Partner Irene Kyriakides, representing the KG Law Firm, stressed that: The certification received by KG Law Firm for the firm’s Unified Information Security and Privacy Management System (Information Security and Privacy Management System), as described by ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 27701, is extremely important and constitutes a milestone for us because it ensures that our firm follows and complies with the most modern requirements that an organization should meet in order to manage information security comprehensively and effectively, and, especially, law firms, which primarily and by definition manage confidential information. Our firm is able to demonstrate that it effectively and securely manages the data assigned to it in accordance with internationally recognized best practices. This certification strengthens the existing Information Security Management System of our firm while outlining the framework for the effective management of privacy and personal data for employees, customers and associates but also for our compliance with the fundamental pillars of the relevant regulatory requirements, such as the GDPR, in order to effectively manage risk and protect such data. All of the above are of capital importance because they certify and give our firm the prestige and credibility that commensurate with our reputation.”

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