Latest CSR initiatives

For Kyriakides Georgopoulos, Corporate Social Responsibility takes centre stage. This is why we consistently develop a holistic approach with regard to CSR initiatives relating to communities, environment and people.

Throwback to April 10, as part of activations for the protection of the Environment, in collaboration with the All For Blue Organisation , we organized a beach cleanup in Porto Rafti, removing apx 56kgs of plastic from the shore.

Furthermore, at KG, we believe in sharing knowledge with others and thus during the Easter period we donated more than 100 books for young underprivileged children, with the contribution of Hellenic Book Club.

On May 19, honoring our CSR values towards community, we hosted a blood drive helping to raise awareness and spread the importance of blood donation.

Last but not least, a few months ago, we had the opportunity to cook ‘live’ on the streets with the Social Kitchen “O Allos Anthropos”, distributing 80+ meals to people in need in downtown Athens.

We find purpose and make work meaningful!

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all our KG volunteers for their remarkable contribution!

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