Summary of Administrative Law (General and Procedural)

“Summary of Administrative Law, General and Procedural” by Dr. Jur. Ioannis Koimtzoglou, KG Law Firm partner (Adminstration Law), has recently been released.

The book covers, in depth, the currently updated issues  of the Greek Adminstrative Law. Specifically,  the book refers to the definition of the state, of the law and of organizing of the public administration, of the administrative authorities and their actions, of [their] control and of the civil liability that might be triggered by administration’s  actions and/or omissions. 
Included are also  chapters referring to the Council of State, to the Court of Auditors  and to the Administrative Courts. The book will prove useful to those who wish to acquire and/or update their knowledge related to the public administrative law in force today.
(ISBN 978-960-622-349-5, Nomiki Bibliothiki Publications)