Reduced rate (6%) for Products and Services Provided to Patients Suffering from Refractory Diseases: a Significant Amendment of the Ministry of Finance

On February 12, 2020, the Greek Ministry of Finance filed the amendment 157/36 11.02.2020 on the Bill entitled “Ratification of the Decree Law of 24.12.2019 “Urgent arrangements for increasing the amount of the Social Dividend for 2019, extending the extra-judicial debt settlement mechanism and extending the deadline for the abolition of Mortgages and Land Registries” (A’ 212) and other provisions”. Through Article 2 of this amendment, the Ministry of Finance proposes the “Amendment of Annex III of Law 2859/2000 “VAT Code Ratification” (A’ 248) on the reduced rate for goods and services provided to patients with intractable diseases”. The Article 2 of the aforementioned amendment is adopted as Article 10 of Law 6446/2020 of the Greek Parliament (Gov. Gazette Α 32/14.2.2020).

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